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Luis is generally an extreme optimist. He's one of those Ned Flanders type guys who has a sometimes overly positive attitudes. But like everyone, he occasionally has an off day.

He and Laila have developed a routine now for when he does have an off day. It's something like a recharge. He gives her a great big hug and makes a sound equivalent to a glass being filled back up (gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp).

I occasionally partake in this when I'm feeling depleted, I will ask one of them to give me one of their famous recharging hugs. But I seem to have chosen a terrible time to join in on the fun cause Laila is now at that preteen stage where she no longer wants hugs and kisses or other sorts of public displays of affection.

The other day I told her daddy had a little bit of a tough day and could use a recharging hug when we get home. She said ok but sometimes he hugs me so tight it's like an overload (lol). She then proceeded to sit in her chair and shake saying overload overload overload in a hilarious robot voice. I laughed and then went on about my business for a few days not really thinking about it.

But then I had this random moment that seemed so different but instantly felt reminiscent.

I needed my laptop for something, but realized it wouldn't turn on cause it wasn't plugged in. You might think, you mean cause the battery was dead? Actually no, it's because the battery no longer holds a charge.

You see, I accidentally left it plugged in one too many times and fried the battery so now it has to be plugged in to be used. As I was getting frustrated momentarily running to the other room to grab my charger, I heard in my head.... overload overload overload. I almost stopped in my tracks thinking about it.

As I was walking back to the other room, this entire post downloaded in my head. I'm going to tell it exactly like I heard it.

When our kids get older they become more self sufficient. Dependent on their own abilities. But often both us and them needs to be recharged and reminded of our dependency on one another. An overload of love is not a bad thing.

Our computers are meant to be independent of the chargers and the cords, but our desktops can do much more being plugged into a wall often than our laptops. They have larger memory storage, wider and more clear visual aspects, and broader capabilities. My laptop still works just fine, and basically does what I need it to do, but it has to be plugged in to a power source.

Here's where things took a turn in my head though. I, over the last year have become wayyyy to self sufficient and have spent a lot of time unplugged from the power source; reliant on a low powered battery. But what if I stayed plugged in for so long that I overloaded, and was no longer able to be effective away from the power source?

I instantly was reminded of John 15

Verses 4-5 say this

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

What if it said, I am the power source and apart from me you will not be sufficient, you will not be successful and you will become burnt out? That's what I see in the GRST (Gwen Renee Salcido Translation). I see God clearly saying, apart from me there is only death. Death in our actions, death in our ministry, death in our marriages.

We must remain attached to the power source, the vine, the life giving God.

What would it look like in our life to apply this theory?

I write these posts, I pray along the way. I need to make a life living decision, I wait on God's direction. I don't just plug in on the weekends at Sunday service, but I remain plugged in non stop, daily. Through prayer, through my actions, and through the things I engage in.

Yet I always stay close to you, and you hold me by the hand. You guide me with your instruction and at the end you will receive me with honor. What else do I have in heaven but you? Since I have you, what else could I want on earth? Psalm 73:23-28 GNT

What else could I want? What else could I need? What else could suffice in bringing me life?


That's the simple reality I've come to. Nothing else will do.

I pray that as we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us (James 4:8). I pray that when we're feeling depleted and our batteries are running out that we plug into Him for that power that recharges us. I pray that we seek Him first and above all. I pray that we feel that overload overload overload that fills us up past the point of need and pours into an overflow a refreshing point of abundance.

I love each of you and thank you for spending time here with me today.

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1 Comment

Love you too! So thankful ee have the assurance that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. NOTHING. 🙏🏽

Rom 8:38-3

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