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Nesting Season

Most of you know that after years of trying to have a baby, we are finally expecting our son this April. As 2021 is ending, I have been in full on nesting mode. I've had some time off work for the holidays this week and have definitely utilized it, to deep clean, dust, organize and purge all the things. There's still so much to do in what feels like such a short time to do it.

Today Laila (our 9 y/o) and I went through all of her toys together and got rid of what she doesn't want anymore before her playroom becomes her bedroom and her bedroom is converted to the nursery.

During the process we banned Luis from the room. Her and I have gone through the purging a few times together and I know from those experiences that she is cutthroat about it. She always surprises me by what she chooses to get rid of. Luis on the other hand is super sentimental and knew that it was best if he didn't see what was going on. When we were finished with what was actually a very quick job, I showed him the pile of stuff she got rid of and he (like an emotional cutter) peaked through and couldn't believe some of the things that she had forever that was getting thrown out and frankly was a little heart broken by some of it.

All the same things I've been finding myself doing physically in the last few days, I can see that He's also done in me spiritually. He has helped me get various areas of my life in order.

It really got me thinking though. What areas do I need to be nesting for and what areas should I be purging spiritually?

I believe that with a new season of motherhood, God is birthing other things in me as well. Things that I believe He has begun preparing in me over the last few years, and in that process I can look back and see Him organizing, cleaning and purging in me. Literally gutting me in some areas of bitterness and and jealousy (that season was soooo not fun). As I went through that though, I kept on coming across 1 Peter 2:1. I compared various translations and found this one to be the version that spoke deepest to me.

Stop being hateful! Quit trying to fool people, and start being sincere. Don’t be jealous or say cruel things about others. (CEV translation)

I think I needed to hear that the most because not only was jealousy a huge issue for me, but I really really wanted people to like me and was trying so hard to be a version of me that was likeable all the time. I realized I was masking myself in order to be liked and the reality is that I'm just not gonna be everyone's cup of tea.

I was really reminded of this this morning, as I was reading a particular article on nesting and it said that it's actually really common for women as they prepare for motherhood to also purge people along the way. They start to become more particular about who they surround themselves with. I'm definitely seeing that too, as there are some people that I love and will continue to love that may just not be in my inner circle in this season for whatever reason. And that's OK!

There's definitely still work to do in the purging and preparing. Some areas of unforgiveness and some areas where I just need to be more assiduous.

Diligence was my word for 2021 and I can't quite say that I've mastered that yet, but I can can say that after waking up several nights between 2 and 4 am thinking about all that needs to be done, I have a pretty good plan in place. I know that my natural inclination is to be lazy and without a plan in place, naturally resort to that. So if I can just bite off a little piece at a time, then perhaps I won't find myself unprepared and overwhelmed. There's a saying that is kind of morbid when you think about it, but it says "how do you eat an elephant? bite at a time."

So that's my goal this year. One step at a time. Do a small thing every day in preparation and not do all the things at once.

Nesting is a process, but so is purging.

Whatever stage you're in whether it be the end of an old season, the beginning of a new one, or in a nesting season of preparation in between, know that God always finishes what He's started (Phil 1:6).

For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland Isaiah 43:19

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Love this. Congratulations!! God is good and He does good.

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